Sound files Support

Sound files can be used with the soundfile language primitive. Sound files will be fully loaded in memory at init time and will be accessed with an input read index. The length and sample rate of the sound files can be accessed to implement more sophisticated playing schemes. A more complete description of the soundfile primitive can be found here.

Using sound files with the faust2xx scripts

Since using sound files (actually all formats that can be read by the libsndfile library, or by JUCE if you use the faust2juce tool), have to be embedded with the generated binary (application or plugin), the -soundfile option has been added in some of the faust2xx scripts to do that. Assuming a DSP program using the soundfile primitive is written, the following commands can be used to generate binaries:

  • faust2caqt -soundfile foo.dsp to embed the needed sound files in the application bundle on OSX

  • faust2max6 -soundfile foo.dsp to embed the needed sound files in the Max/MSP external bundle on OSX

Check the faust2xx script description page to know which one currently support the -soundfile option.

The Soundfile Library

They are some additional functions in the soundfiles.lib library. Three basic functions are fully documented for now. There is more code already written in the library source that allows to read sound files with different kind of interpolation.

Note that the soundfile primitive is not yet available in the Faust Web IDE.