Material from the community

Here is a list of additional material contributed by the community of Faust developers or users.

Handling infinity and not-a-number (NaN) values in Faust and C++ audio programming

This post by Dario Sanfilippo discusses insights gained over a few years of audio programming to implement robust Faust/C++ software, particularly when dealing with infinity and NaN values.

Three ways to implement recursive circuits in the Faust language

This post by Dario Sanfilippo is about the implementation of not-so-simple recursive circuits in the Faust language.

Make LV2 plugins with Faust

This post by Nicola Landro is about making LV2 plugins with Faust.

Getting started with Faust for SuperCollider

This post by Mads Kjeldgaard is about using Faust with SuperCollider.

Get Started Audio Programming with the FAUST Language

This post by Matt K is about starting audio Programming with Faust.

Using Faust on the OWL family of devices

This tutorial focus on using Faust and on features that are specific to OWL and the OpenWare firmware.

Sublime Text syntax

Sublime Text syntax file for the Faust programming language.


Major Emacs mode for the Faust programming language, featuring syntax highlighting, automatic indentation and auto-completion.


Faustine allows the edition of Faust code.


Feel free to contribute by forking this project and creating a pull request, or by mailing the library description here.